Treating Reflux in babies

Physical interventions can play a crucial role in treating Reflux and feeding issues with babies.

Baby Refux
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What is reflux?

Reflux in babies typically emerges around 3 to 4 weeks into their lives.

When infants experience reflux, they may bring up milk or other substances. In some cases, the reflux may remain in the oesophagus, which is known as silent reflux.

Identifying whether your baby’s symptoms are related to reflux or general digestive unhappiness can be challenging. Colic, characterized by general restlessness and unhappiness, could potentially be attributed to reflux or other digestive issues.

What causes reflux in babies?

Several factors can contribute to reflux symptoms in babies.

One common cause is the immaturity of the gut, where the sphincters, responsible for controlling the flow of stomach contents, have not fully developed yet. As time goes on, the immaturity will subside, but bodywork will aid in alleviating related tensions.

Another possible cause of reflux symptoms is poor digestion. If you notice your baby bringing up cottage cheese-like lumps and displaying signs of distress or an unhappy facial expression, it may indicate difficulties with digestion.

Baby Reflux Burping
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How can we treat Reflux?

Physical interventions can play a crucial role in cases where the gut is unable to churn properly due to the positioning in the womb.

For example, if the baby was squeezed over to one side during pregnancy, they may continue to hold that position pattern, which restricts the stomach’s space to function optimally. In such cases, specific bodywork techniques can help open up the space and provide the stomach with the room it needs to perform its functions effectively.

Understanding the various factors contributing to reflux in babies is essential in finding appropriate solutions. By addressing the physical aspects, examining the diet, and considering the influence of the nervous system, you can take steps towards relieving reflux symptoms and promoting your baby’s overall well-being.

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